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New Clark City is 30 minutes away from exciting tours and activities.
There's no understating the mood-lifting and health-enhancing benefits of being around nature. Clark is home to a bounty of outdoor and fitness  activities.
Long before the farm-to-table ethos became the buzzy food trend of the moment, there was Kapampangan cuisine. The indigenous culinary  tradition embraces slow-cooking techniques to transform locally sourced ingredients into some of the country’s most decadent gustatory treats.
Clark is also the gateway to a trek or bike expedition through the boulders, rivers and rough terrain of Crow Valley Canyon — the valley formed  after the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991 — where the adventure ends in a swim in the volcano’s massive crater lake. There’s also a host of  family-fun attractions, such as the Aqua Planet Theme Park and Clark Safari Park. Meanwhile, those with a thirst for adventure can try their hand  at ultralight flying at the Angeles City Flying Club and wakeboarding at Pradera Verde.